City of Miami Bicycle Action Committee Meeting

Today’s meeting of the City of Miami Bicycle Action Committee covered a dizzying number of topics from grants to fundraising, white papers new and old, road projects, mountain biking trails and more. Here’s what you missed:

1) Mack Cycle Love: Local bike shop Mack Cycle and Fitness owner Mary Jane not only serves on the committee, she brought also good news and brownies with her today! Mack Cycle is the group that made yesterday’s Bike Miami Days possible. They donated the City’s first ‘bikeshare’ bicycle and have offered to become the first shop to sell the new City of Miami bike jerseys.

2) Richard Cahlin, another member of the BAC, presented the almost-finished mock-up of the City’s first signature bike jersey. We hope to sell these to raise money for city bike projects. They jersey/short set have not been priced yet, but it looks like $75 per piece with a discount on the set.

3) Bike Coordinator Collin Worth reported on new federal dollars to be directed to installing new bike racks throughout the city. While the Bicycle Master Plan already identifies locations for parking, we will need to do site visits and mark out specific locations and types. Stay tuned for call for volunteers-

View from the (future) Virginia Key North Point Trails

4) Virginia Key North Point Trails finally broke ground on Saturday! The trails will take weeks to clear properly and then funding will need to be identified for staffing and maintenance but… we’re on our way! John Voss of the Everglades Bicycle Club is co-directing the project. Learn more by joining their facebook group, Key Biscayne Bicycle Club, here.

5) Miami-Dade County Project Update: SW 2nd Ave bike lanes are in! This is a very important connector for the 15th Road and Coral Way lanes network, which brings us to…

6) Coral Way Bike Lanes to be fixed! That’s right – many of you have seen the awkward, confusing, non-standard bike lanes on this road that were striped by FDOT. The City has met with them and we are promised that the solid ‘curb returns’ and other problems will be fixed as soon as possible. Great news.

7) Key Biscayne also set for improvements: County Public Works commented, “We’re listening to every blog and letter. We’re not dismissing anything.”

If we're lucky...

8) Other projects in the pipeline include NE 82nd St – to get Share the Road signs from the Bay to Biscayne Blvd. (Thanks to Collin Worth for pushing hard for something better; at least we are getting this)

9) Every bicycle project in City Commissioner Carollo’s district 3 remains on hold. We have no idea why and Collin Worth would not elaborate. I saw the Commissioner at Bike Miami Days yesterday on a very spiffy mountain bike and he was having a great time. Still, it seems the commissioner is not interested in our emails. Please, IF you live in the district (Little Havana area, map here) then please call his office.

10) Bike Miami Days is on hold. Yes, it’s true. Commissioner Sarnoff (again, the only commissioner who sends a representative to the meetings) remains committed to 6 per year but the City has no plans to bring back BMD before the Fall. Budget, tropical storms are the two big reasons.

11) But… Commissioner Sarnoff is working to bring back the Coconut Grove and Downtown Miami bike races! That’s right, we could get a criterium next year! Mack Cycle is already working with partners to host a crit on April 17th… our fingers are crossed and we look forward to working with anyone who wants to make this happen.

12) New White Paper: The BAC drafted a white paper supporting the designation of a percentage of any monies coming from the proposed red light cameras for bike/ped improvements. It’s in draft form right now so if you’d like to review it, please let us know.


About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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