Velo Sundays: Inspiration to Start Your Own Group Ride

A few weeks ago, one average (albeit very cool) guy decided to start a group ride in his neighborhood in South Miami. Our unassuming hero – we’ll call him Billy – noticed a lack of easy afternoon or evening rides around the Dadeland area and figured that people on all kinds of bicycles might enjoy a laid back Sunday evening ride. So Billy invited some friends, created a facebook event, and Velo Sundays was born.

Velo Sundays is “a weekly ride for all types of cyclists. The ride will cover 10-15 miles. All bikes are welcome. Meet up in front of Dadeland Station near the metro stop.” Riders are encouraged to bring water, wear helmets, have working lights. The facebook page says “Costumes, funny hats, and bells are always appreciated.” I rode with the group on Sunday and found it to be a nicely mixed crowd. Fixed gears and hybrids, cruisers and mountain bikes, spandex and cutoffs – all riding in friendly harmony through the streets of Pinecrest and South Miami. I gotta say – it was a lot of fun.

If you’re free on Sunday, meet up at Dadeland North Station at 7pm – Easy to get to by metro, bus, M-Path or car (plenty of parking). Please, Don’t be intimidated by whatever it is that keeps you from trying a group ride. This is one mixed group that will stay with you and the ride is a comfortable 10-15 miles at a relaxed average 12-15mph. (Yes, we stop at red lights and ride single file when cars come up to pass.) Our group was small enough at 25 riders that there was no need for corking. We found the evening drivers to be noticeably civil and ready to pass us at with the minimum 3 feet. Afterwards, smaller groups split up and met for dinner or drinks at nearby places. It was good times.

Velo Sundays not convenient for you? Have you thought about starting your own ride?

There are few joys like being a part of someone’s first group ride. The feeling of freedom, camaraderie, support and fun makes it one of the best parts of what we do here at SFBC. The South Florida Bike Coalition supports you in planning social group rides in your neighborhood. We can talk you through your ideas for when and how often, where to start and how to promote it. We have volunteers on staff who can help you create a flyer or take you through the process of creating a facebook or meetup event. We already have one member planning to bring a neighborhood ride on Thursday evenings to West Kendall and two others in the early planning stages in North Miami Beach. How about Homestead, Pompano or West Jupiter?

If you have a ride or other bicycle-friendly event that we can help promote, let us know. SFBC is dedicated to empowering South Florida’s riding groups and individuals to ride better, safer and more often.

UPDATE!!! The Thursday ride in Kendall is scheduled to start tomorrow! RSVP on facebook here.

The new “Kendall Cycling Group Ride” will be lead by SFBC member and League of American Bicyclists Ambassador, Angel Walkine. It starts at 7pm at the Kendale Lakes Country Club Bicycle Path – meetup at the intersection of SW 142nd Avenue & SW 68th Street (map here). Everyone on bicycles is welcome for this casual, easygoing ride. (Please remember your helmet, water and lights.) If it rains, the ride will be rescheduled for Thursday, June 17th, same time and place.
Please wear a helmet. Water and lights are recommended. If it rains the ride will be rescheduled for the following Thursday, June 17th, 7 p.m. same location.
The ride is a four mile loop around the course/park on a bike lane with no stops! Angel promises the group will stop occasionally for water and photos whenever anyone would like a break. The ride will be beautiful, expect to see lots of wildlife and enjoy South Florida by twilight. Depending on interest, the group can double or triple the mileage.

About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

2 thoughts on “Velo Sundays: Inspiration to Start Your Own Group Ride

  1. Since the station is “divided” by the small river, remember that we meet up by the brito toon. See you there =)

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