City of Miami Bicycle Action Committee: Getting Good Works Done.

SFBC Shout Out to Collin Worth and the City of Miami Bicycle Action Committee for getting things done! At this month’s meeting of the BAC, members addressed important issues ranging from grants the City is applying for (fingers crossed), County/City coordination (Don’t miss the meeting this Thursday!), the status of the (never-ending) Virginia Key North Point trails, fundraising (Jerseys coming soon), new and planned bicycle lanes (and sharrows!!), city-sponsored public service announcements (designed by Yours Truly!), Bike Miami Rides and much more. For full details on what was discussed and announced, read on.

GRANTS: The City of Miami is applying for TIGER 2 (Federal), TEP (MPO/County) and HUD grants for the development of bike/ped infrastructure. Collin Worth, the Bicycle Coordinator, oversaw our applications to all of these:

1) TIGER 2: The City is hoping to get money to complete the Miami Greenway – if only to connect Little Haiti to the new Miami Marlins Stadium, but the City does not yet have the 20% required match identified that would be necessary to be eligible.

2) MPO: City applied twice – to fund Downtown area lane markings and Greenway improvements along the Miami River.

3) The Miami Office of Sustainable Initiatives is applying for an HUD Sustainable Communities grant, money from which would go (in part) to bicycle/pedestrian transportation improvements.

CITY/COUNTY COORDINATION: They City and County are still working on some last minute changes to the NE 2nd Avenue bike lane project. Due to some engineering standard issues, the section that cuts through the Design District will likely have sharrows rather than bike lanes. (I’m a fan!)

Jeff Cohen of County Public Works told us that Miami-Dade is developing its own plan for sharrows – most other cities in the county can expect a slower approval on sharrow implementation but the City of Miami is fine because they were called for in our Bicycle Master Plan.

Miami-Dade County dedicated $1million to striping bike lanes last year and so far, the City of Miami has been the fortunate recipient of a number of these projects. One example is NE Federal Highway from the Design District to Little Haiti. The only problem with this money is that it cannot be spent on milling or resurfacing, so one half of NE Federal Highway’s bike lanes are almost entirely un-ridable gutter. (We are happy that they set the precedent).

One Day View from the One Day Virginia Key Multi-Use Trails

VIRGINIA KEY NORTH POINT MOUNTAIN BIKING TRAILS: This is a project that keeps on getting delayed. It involves the collaboration of multiple agencies and governments and as of right now, there is no foreseeable date for when we will be able to ride them.

LOGISTICS/ADMINISTRATION: Our recently appointed Chair Richard Cahlin (Thank you, Richard!) is looking to create a structure or a roster or such that creates some level of commitment of committee members. I think this could be a good next step for what has been since its inception a rather ad-hoc group. Richard led the way in getting City of Miami Jerseys into production and we hope to see them in stores and online by September.

(They use different paint for lane markings)

NEW BIKE LANES: BAC members requested a list of all recent improvements as we heard from Collin and Jeff about new projects coming through the pipeline. These include North Bayshore Drive by Margaret Pace Park (still in design: west side to have sharrow, east side to have bike lane), a grid of streets within Downtown Miami getting sharrows and an as yet undetermined official route from Downtown Miami to the Marlins Stadium.

BIKE MIAMI RIDES: The City has decided to plan all future Summer rides with Youth Bike. The last ride was supported by City of Miami Police and was a pleasant success. Future dates are posted here.

BIKE CORRAL WHITE PAPER: We reviewed the first draft and it should be ready by the next meeting. In short, we all like bike corrals. John of the Green Mobility Network noted that this is not about replacing existing racks but expanding parking access. What do you think of bike corrals? Please send your feedback to as soon as you can. Thanks!

Just one example of a bike corral, on-street bicycle parking.

PSAs: Commission Chair Marc Sarnoff negotiated a compromise with Clear Channel with the electronic billboards went up along the expressway this year. As a result, we can pitch Public Service Announcements for placement and the BAC accepted my suggestion that they say, simply, “Bicycle more.” We hope to see them up soon. The person to thank here is Commissioner Sarnoff. Why not give his office a ring at 305.250.5333?

Bicycle More.

Also on PSAs- Collin is working with David Henderson from the MPO to get bus shelter-size posters from the Safe Routes to School National Clearinghouse.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Miami-Dade County’s annual meeting related to bicycle improvements is this Thursday, as you read here. Unfortunately, most of SFBC leadership will be attending our Board meeting but we strongly urge Miami-Dade residents to attend. It sounds like there will be lots of exciting good news there, not only that related to the Rickenbacker tolls.

USDOT POLICY: John Hopkins requested a formal position of support from the BAC of the USDOT’s Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation Regulations and Recommendations, which we all agreed made sense. We talked about reaching out to Commissioners who are not represented on the BAC – which is of course their choice but still – and realized that active members of the public on the BAC are only representative of 2 of the 5 commissioners. Clearly, we need to reach out to the newer commissioners…

So there’s your breakdown of bullet points from today’s agenda. The next BAC meeting is scheduled for July 18th at City Hall. If you would like to attend (please!), contact Collin Worth at or even better, your own City of Miami Commissioner.


About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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