Peter from the South Florida Bike Club Says Hello!

The South Florida Bike Coalition promotes all bicycle rides in South Florida and we are happy to highlight the dedicated volunteers who organize, plan and reliably show up week after week to provide newbies and veterans alike with a great group ride.

I’ve talked about Peter and his Boca Urban Ride before and wanted to give him a chance to introduce himself directly. Here is his personal invitation to you to join the South Florida Bike Club Meetup Group.

If you would like to post anything to our blog, please let us know. Thanks!

Peter Detore

Hi Fellow So Flo Bikers
My name is Peter…. altogether…. HI PETER!

I am a man of many hats and bicycling is one of my favorite hats or should I say helmets. The sport has been instrumental in my making great gains in rehabilitating a post chemo heart condition. Two years ago I found out about an urban ride in Boca Raton with a bunch of really great folks, much like yourselves. They gave me the workouts and moral support I needed to build strength and endurance, and get my athleticism back.

At the beginning of last winter, a friend from way up north offered the loan of his racing roadie rather than let it “hang in the barn”. That got me into pace line riding (note: not pace line racing) and I found yet another super supportive group of riders that rode the A1A on somewhat challenging and fun rides. EG breakfast rides to various places. All this riding eventually led to my participation in the MS 150 this year.

So my story is, in two years I went from putzing around the neighborhood for half an hour, to riding in a pack of 2000 plus down to Key Largo. I feel a debt of gratitude to the sport of bicycling, and now have the resources and capability to help the sport and my fellow man by bringing new riders into the sport. To that end I have organized two new rides geared to the beginning rider. One in Boca Raton on Wednesday evening and one in Lake Worth on Thursday evening. Both rides offer little challenges and should be considered entry level rides. To date dozens of new riders have enjoyed the flat courses I have laid out. Most people are surprised at how easily they accomplish a pleasant 15 to 20 mile ride with a bunch of friends. The time passes quickly and we stop to take five minute breaks frequent along the way.

I realize that, for many of you, I am preaching to the choir. But I’ll bet you know someone who would benefit greatly from adding something new to their lifestyle that will enhance their health and general well being. I urge you to share this message with anyone who fits that description.

Please accept my invitation to come out and try these wonderful NEW! scenic bike rides.
Ride On!
Peter Detore


About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

2 thoughts on “Peter from the South Florida Bike Club Says Hello!

  1. Peter, who leads the Boca B/H ride, posted that several people seemed interested. What do we need to do to get this going? I’m looking for an evening ride – is there anyone familiar with the Hollywood Urban Ride that might be interested in leading a slow (10-12 mph average) ride on that route? Or I’d be willing to go out with someone who knows Hollywood and figure out another route – I know there’s a bike lane that eventually leads to the Broadwalk, where there’s tons of places to get a drink/snack midride. I’d like to do 12-15 miles…
    Peter? Anyone?
    Candice Flores
    Hi Candice
    I am the organizer who started the Wednesday beginner/hybrid/cruiser ride at 7:00 in Boca. I also do a similar ride in Lake Worth the following night. The Lake Worth ride is advertised on Awesome Mixers meetup group website.

    First thing I did was confer with Kathy who gave me the go ahead and made me an assistant organizer. Then I word smithed an event description that fit. The rest is history.

    We are fortunate to have a tried and true route that is familiar to almost everyone. I recommend using the Hollywood existing route and by so doing, avoid the steep learning curve of training everyone on the new route. Then I simply removed all of the challenging parts IE; bridges, parking garages and some of the extra distance loops. The ride is now a flat 15 miles mostly on the el rio, a 12 feet wide shared bike path.

    I have had many people who needed small bike repairs and inner tubes. So, I am carrying tools, air and some parts. I also keep a few extra lights handy for loan. I do these things happily and consider this to be removing obstacles to someones getting on their bike and riding with us. Keep in mind that the word newbie means a lot of training has to happen so whoever leads this type of ride needs a high tolerance for Q & A and to be very patient as people get used to urban riding.

    My efforts in this area have already proved to be the most rewarding thing I can do for my friends.
    I hope this helps get you going with a new ride in Hollywood. PS an after ride watermelon helps too.
    Peace Love Bicycling

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