Money and Time Keep the Wheels Turning

The South Florida Bike Coalition wants to see more and more clubs, group rides, family outings by bicycle, bicycle festivals and workshops all over our region which is why we support partners and projects like Cyclefest, Jack the Bike Man, DECOBIKE and Bike Miami Days. It’s why we encourage you to create your own rides and events (like Steven is doing in Miami Shores on Tuesday and Angel on Thursdays in Kendall).

We think it’s critical that there is a cross-county/regional organization that connects individuals cyclists with groups in their area, offers bicycle education programs to kids, provides legal services when necessary and supports collaboration with the ultimate goal of not being necessary.

What we do is step up when we’re called. Some of what we are working on today:

  1. Defending a man who got a ticket for riding his bike in the street in Palm Beach County
  2. Meeting tonight with local government officials in Broward to plan an inter-city ciclovia (like Bike Miami Days)
  3. Providing Operations expertise and logistical support for the return of Cyclefest in West Palm Beach
  4. Pushing for alternative signage to ‘Share the Road’ across Florida
  5. Developing a new webpage that YOU can write on directly.
  6. Creating the safety tips for Miami-Dade’s new bikeshare program (yes, it’s coming this Fall!)
  7. Calling and calling, writing, emailing and calling again policymakers on behalf of a variety of your concerns and some great ideas
  8. Trying to keep you updated via this blog and
  9. Co-Writing grant applications for Bike Miami Days (still seeking funds for 10/10/10!)

Grant-writing? Well, we believe strongly in Bike Miami Days and want to see it funded so we ask people for money for projects that aren’t technically ‘ours’ because, well, they are everybody’s! Sometimes you just need a proofreader, sometimes you need a non-profit partner, other times you might need suggestions on what grants are even available in this community – we’re learning, but we’re happy to share all we have and know.

How does SFBC get money? We are run by an incredible team of volunteers and one full-time staff member (that’s me, Kathryn). We’ve all been advocates for years and worn a variety of ‘hats’ and we dream of being able to pay our staff fully, and eventually even pay a full staff.

We depend on donations sent to us here (Checks, please! Our paypal account is NOT working but we hope to have it back up by next week!) Currently, we are supported 100% by individual donors –

Who is the South Florida Bike Coalition? It’s you. It’s lawyers who defend bicyclists and ask for nothing but donations to SFBC. It’s Bike Miami Days volunteers, professional racers, kids who want to bicycle to school, off-road trail builders, someone who thought a month ago a fixie meant ‘needs fixing’, bike shops and triathletes and Raleigh aficionados and all kinds of people.

You Can Help! We want to know where you think we can best be of help. Where are the bicycling advocacy or ride ‘gaps’ in your community? How can we step up? We always need help getting the word out about what we do, raising money to cover costs (we get lots of phone calls, go through a lot of bike education materials and move around the three counties A LOT) and sharing skills across projects, programs and groups (shout out to our graphic design and copy editing volunteers!) We are currently looking for a good company to help us print some high-quality (bike transit-proof) posters*

We have a number of projects that we are determined to give much more time to but just don’t have the hours in the day. If you are able to come to the Miami office or meet in any of our satellite locations (anywhere with wi-fi and coffee), then we work around you to bring you onboard. We want your ideas, skills and help with making and tracking progress!

We apologize for any confusion among those who have tried to support us through paypal, we are hoping to have that fixed by next week. In the meantime, we thank all of our supporters – every contribution helps keep us going around the clock. Remember, you can talk to an SFBC leader anytime by calling us at 305. 982.7343-

Thanks for reading and for promoting more, better, safer bicycling in South Florida.

Volunteer Board Member Jeffrey made this wonderful video:


About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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