You Are The Boss of FDOT (FYI)

The Florida Department of Transportation sometimes gets a bad rap but the people in charge have got a lot on their plate plus all the people of Florida to answer to:

They are public and civil servants and, as a former staffer myself, I understand that exceptional challenges are before them everyday. Seriously, just look at what they are responsible for accomplishing:

The South Florida Bike Coalition supports FDOT’s mission and with your signatures, we are giving local District Secretary Pego the support he needs to make Brickell Avenue a safer place to live, work, ride and cross the street. Have you signed the letter yet? Please feel free to send it directly yourself to Gus.Pego@DOT.STATE.FL.US.

A few other people who deserve your words of support for FDOT’s mission:

Ray LaHood, USDOT Secretary: 202-366-4000 or via web.

Stephanie C. Kopelousos, FDOT Secretary:

You can also call the Miami FDOT Office at 1-800-435-2368.

The Miami Herald also cares about transportation and our community. Try or write your own letter to the editor at

We believe that a Florida standard residential/business area speed limit for Brickell Avenue is the most important thing – the fundamental step toward making Miami’s densest residential area and the Americas’ financial epicenter an easier place to live and do business. We have the support of the Brickell Homeowner’s Association, several residents, business owners and employees, but we think FDOT deserves to hear from all of us. Thanks to all of you who live, work or ride in Miami for signing the letter.

The South Florida Bike Coalition works with FDOT at the state level and through District 6 (Miami-Dade) and District 4 (Broward and Palm Beach) to ensure that they have the support they need to make our public spaces safer for everyone. We are proud to ‘do the dirty work’ so that you can just ride – but we are also grateful to each of you who brings specific projects, challenging intersections and other issues to our attention. Thank you!

About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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