Good News for M-Path: Dadeland South Extension to Break Ground in January

Soon to be at Dadeland

The Miami-Dade M-Path, one of South Florida’s great urban multi-use paths, will finally be extended south to Dadeland Station next year. Thanks to federal stimulus dollars, the M-Path extension project is now fully funded and in its design phase. FDOT Project Manager Hong Benitez tells SFBC that the new part of the M-Path will be 12 feet wide wherever possible, include asphalt and concrete pathways (to meet the current standard) and… should be ready for riding by this time next year!

This is how it works: FDOT will design plans for the project, which will get passed around the County and other partners for review and comment. That is expected to go two rounds of 21 days each so… January is a “good estimate” for when construction can commence. FDOT will continue to lead this project through completion.

Why has it taken so long? Well, new federal stimulus funds are now being pooled with previously obtained ‘Enhancement dollars’ to fully fund the project through design and completion. This was necessary before it could go from ‘dream’ to ‘reality’.

Shout out to our friends at the Green Mobility Network and their longstanding ‘Complete the M-Path‘ campaign. They’ve been known to throw quite the celebratory ride and picnic – Here’s to breaking bread south of 67th Avenue soon!

Crossing Bird Avenue along the M-Path to be safer soon with On-command Signals.

But, but… What about the gaps? The M-Path ‘begins’ at 15th Road behind Simpson Park and continues south past Vizcaya Metrorail Station through the University of Miami and ending at 67th Avenue. There are lots of ‘gaps’ along the path where it is intersected with roadways that have varying signage and ease of connection on the other side.

One intersection that can be particularly harrowing has been Bird Road. There is little accommodation for the cyclist here but new pedestrian signals will allow you to request the ability to cross with a button. We feel obliged to recommend you stay hyper attentive at this intersection – the new Right Turn Lanes (in the background above) are bringing motorists speeding through it. Have you ridden it? What’s your experience?

Word on the street is that Miami-Dade County Capital Improvements does want to better close these gaps but the money is tied up in the county’s bond program. That’s right – this is an entirely separate project/jurisdiction than the extension project. We have reached out to that department and will keep you updated – just wanted to share some good news.


About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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