Art Basel by Bicycle

You’ve got to see Art Basel by bicycle.

Forget about all the traffic you’ll zip past, it’s the only way to see the incredible street art that is going up all over the City of Miami as I type. You can’t see this work in a car – no one is offering the tour on foot – THIS IS THE ONLY WAY you can see most of this art going up for Art Basel – If you don’t have a bike, there will be some for rent**

Heard of Shepard Fairey? He’s in the Design District right now putting up a massive piece – as are artists from around the world. Didn’t know it was happening? Where do you find the pieces? Want to watch the artists work up close and talk to them about their place in the global street art movement?

Don’t miss Street.Art.Cycles Graffiti by Bike Tours – today, Friday and Saturday at 11am and 4pm. Get an insider’s view of  ‘Graffiti Gone Global’ as curated by Primary Flight – the team that has made Miami home to the largest original open air museum and street level mural installation in the world.

I rode with the first group tour this morning – If you can get out to do the tour tomorrow (Friday), I strongly recommend it. (Saturday, too, but that group’s gonna be huge) – Here are some of my photos:

Talking with the Artists

Mr Jago - A Work in Progress at Cafeina

Andres Rolls By

Did you know this text translates? It's a Graffiti language.


Inside a 'Secret' Center for Street Art in Miami

Artist invited us in to his temporary workspace to see this piece /

Wynwood Wall by Ron English

131Projects' "Pest" shows us his sketch

Working on the Newest Wynwood Wall

Fellow friends of the bicycle, explore art in a way only you can. I’ll be volunteering there the rest of today and Friday morning – hopefully I’ll see you there!


NOTE: To those unfamiliar with street art – this work is not just legal, the artists are paid by local curators, collectors, wise developers like Joey Goldman and local businesses to put up their work. Pretty cool. Learn more about it-

  • TOURS LEAVE 11am and 4pm
  • from Cafeina’s Courtyard 297 NW @3rd St. (bet. NW 2nd ave. & NW 5th ave.)
  • $20 gets you the full access to restricted sites, special venues and the full tour, including a map- and all proceeds support Emerge Miami!

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About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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