Holiday Wish List for the Bike Coalition

[insert music] All We Want for Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus/Kwanzaa/New Year’s…

Some of you kind fellow friends of the bicycle have asked us what we really want this Holiday Season so here it is:

The South Florida Bike Coalition Holiday Wish List 2010

  1. Volunteer Hours: Pledge 10 hours within 3 months and get a year’s membership! We need volunteers to help us with data entry, represent us at fun rides and in clubs, brainstorm campaigns with us, make phone calls, help format educational materials or write stuff for the blog, facebook, etc. We need you to help coordinate fundraisers and speak up at public meetings and put together Membership kits and order t-shirts and… (you get the idea, there’s a lot you can do!)
  2. A Computer: It doesn’t have to be new or fancy but our office could really use a computer. Right now we are powered on volunteer laptops, which doesn’t always meet our needs. Volunteers cannot help with data entry or writing unless they have their own laptops and our Director’s vintage macbook is buckling under the weight. We run on Macs and PCs so thank you! for whatever you can offer.
  3. A Really Big Whiteboard and markers: We do a lot of brainstorming in the office and this would make Kathryn smile all over. Maybe your office is upgrading? We’ll pick it up anywhere from Homestead to Port St. Lucie.
  4. Office Stuff: We sure like envelopes, markers, post-its and pens. A Staples gift card would also be most appreciated. Maybe you have some leftover credit on your Office Depot gift card? We’d love that, too.
  5. Share the Road Signs: You can buy these and we’ll ‘loan’ them out to construction projects, with consent from cities and agencies like FDOT. The idea is to get the cities comfortable with seeing them and then convincing them to install their own permanent ones (ideally Ride Right/Drive Right signs) after work is done. They are available commercial grade. What, you didn’t know you get these off the internet? Well,

Happy Holidays from the Bike Coalition !!

BONUS: Sponsor an Ambassador for Better Bicycling! There are several leading volunteers in Miami who want to Register TODAY to become a League Certified Cyclist over January 14-16 but who are struggling with the cost of $200. They are willing to commit to give back with their certification by offering a minimum of 16 hours of free instruction back into the community. With your sponsorship, you can ensure that no one is prevented from becoming a League Certified cyclist for financial reasons. Only South Florida residents are eligible for sponsorship so you can be sure this education will remain in our community – and you’ll be able to give the gift of bike education to other South Floridians all year long! Also, please note that we need full registration of 10 people by December 24 to ensure that everyone who wants to will be able to take this class. This is the only gift with a deadline: Please contact us by December 18th (305.982.7343) at the very latest if you are able to give this gift. Thank you.

About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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