Bike Coalition Love from Paypal, the IRS

You can now support the Bike Coalition with a tax-deductible donation through Paypal.

Your South Florida Bike Coalition has grown leaps and bound in the last 10 months and we need your help to keep that momentum going.

Some Success Stories Made Possible through Your Support:

  1. MEDIA: We have raised the profile of bicycling in South Florida in a small but significant and growing way.  We’ve been on public radio (both WLRN and WXEL) 6 times this year, including one show dedicated entirely to traveling around Broward and Palm Beach by bicycle. We also did an interview with the University of Miami’s radio station and some pro-bicycling sound bites that they continue to play. We got some national coverage in a radio piece by the Center for Public Integrity and our Brickell Campaign (with TransitMiami) was mentioned on Streetsblog. Media coverage not only gets more people thinking about bikes, it is an incredibly useful tool for getting meetings with politicians and policymakers. Improving and increasing bicycling here requires a multi-level approach (understatement).
  2. MOTORIST EDUCATION: 3 massive pro-bicycling billboards have gone up along I-95, a result of our partnership with the City of Miami. Not one penny of your contributions went to pay for the signs, but they covered our costs to pursue this campaign over several months. We’ve since got promises from the City of Miami Beach to do similar ads on their website.
  3. SHARED USE LANE MARKINGS: We convinced Gus Pego, Secretary of FDOT District 6, to consider sharrows for the first time ever! first for the Sunset Drive Project and now for Brickell Avenue. Special shout out to those of you who signed our letter and went to the Sunset Public Meeting.
  4. REPORTING: Miami-Dade’s 311 reporting system finally takes complaints from people who bicycle (they only reported motorist and pedestrian complaints until we formally requested the change). Now we are working with MiamiBikeReport to make it even easier.
  5. PUBLIC SPEAKING: We spoke across the region to groups like the U.S. Green Building Council, commissioners and police from Doral to Boca to Wilton Manors and seemingly countless FDOT officials about the need to consider and include people who bicycle in their development plans and initiatives.
  6. EXPANSION: We expanded to Martin and St. Lucie Counties after much popular demand. It was a big move, but with the leadership of the Treasure Coast Cycling Association now on our Board of Directors, we are eager to launch several new campaigns north of Palm Beach in 2011. Priorities include motorist and cyclist education.
  7. PARTNERSHIPS: We have formally partnered with a number of allied organizations and a variety of ‘non-bicycle’ groups in our ongoing effort to get more people to consider bicycling. Just some of our partners and member organizations include:

We received a small grant from the Dade Community Foundation and are hopeful to get many more in 2011 – and now we are officially a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. That means if you have donated money to us since we incorporated in 2009, your contribution is now officially tax-deductible. It also means that if your company has a Matching Gifts program, you may be able to double your contribution. We are proud to be recognized for what we do and are eager to seek more financial support from foundations and groups that support 501c3 organizations (like ours!).

You can donate right now here. We ask our supporters to consider a dollar a week for a year ($52), joining us as a basic member ($35) or, for those of you who already support one of our official partners, $25. Many of you have given just $5 and some much more than that. We also appreciate in-kind gifts and, of course, everyone who supports what we do:

Small donations mean a lot to us – and so does volunteering. There are lots of ways to share the bicycle love – what’s most important to us is that you are riding! (safely, please) Anything you do to promote better and more bicycling is positive for the Bike Coalition and the whole community. Ride on.

And this weekend – We’re bringing the first League Certified Instructor training course to Miami. We are excited to effectively expand the number of nationally certified and insured cycling teachers in South Florida by a factor of 5 – Expect to see many more educational opportunities for you, your kids, your club and your community throughout 2011 because of our long-labored success (finally!) in bringing this League of American Bicyclists course to Miami. Many of you have asked that we bring another LCI class so we’ll be working on that again, soon.

About Kathryn Moore / South Florida Bike Coalition

I'm the President of the South Florida Bike Coalition - a 100% volunteer organization of people dedicated to using their skills and experience to effect more, better bicycling from the Keys to Martin County.

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