Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Miami Dade Transit

Saying that Miami Dade Transit is in need of improvement won’t come as news to anyone. That being said, MDT’s performance on certain issues is quite remarkable. They can act quickly, as previously posted by our partners, Here is another example.

After meeting with MDT officials after a not so great response to almost being hit by a bus at the south end of Douglas Road station, I pointed out to the head of MDT’s engineering unit that there were several hazards around the station. This is / was one of the problems.

After taking out the trees, there were big holes gaping, some of which were covered. Others were miraculously left open. But – Less than 24 hours after this meeting, crews were working to close the hole.

By the time the work day came to a close, the same location looked like this:

This was done remarkably quickly and more improvements have been made in the meantime, including filling other such holes (with trees in them) with river rock. The last of the work seems to have been done today. Now, it’s on to making sure that a particular car dealership a little further north doesn’t use the M-Path as its back alley. We’ve been promised that several measures would be taken to remedy the situation, including errecting a fence. We will follow up for you.

Time to say

THANK YOU to MDTA for meeting with us quickly.
THANK YOU MDTA for taking prompt action.
THANK YOU MDTA for being efficient.


(Please, keep it up)


5 thoughts on “Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Miami Dade Transit

  1. Absolutely. A real improvement would be to replace all the trees that are missing and all Metrorail stations and nurturing them so they can be of some comfort on hot summer days for waiting passengers. Haven’t we got more than enough concrete in this city?

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