More improvements around Douglas Road station – other measures still outstanding

We wrote before about improvements to the bike and pedestrian safety situation around the Douglas Road station. One hole has been covered with concrete (we would have preferred another tree being put in place), others – which still had trees in them were covered with river stone.

Miami-Dade Transit has now installed speed bumps for the buses leaving the station, some of which used to do that at a rather high speed, disregarding the stop sign. It seems unlikely that this will happen any longer. We are not sure whether these are the right speed bumps, but will defer to the judgment of the MDT engineers for the time being.

Douglas Road Station

This is a welcome improvement from a safety perspective and we are thankful to MDT for doing this. Other improvements include wider curb cuts so that pedestrians and cyclists don’t have to squeeze into a somewhat narrow space on either side at this crossing. Moreover, we have been promised that MDT will make it impossible for cars to use the M-Path to leave the Volvo dealership at US 1 / Bird Road, which they do in a daily basis in addition to encroaching on the path regularly. We will keep you posted on when these measures will be put in place.


3 thoughts on “More improvements around Douglas Road station – other measures still outstanding

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