Douglas Road Station – back to where things started

A little while ago, we reported on some improvements around the Douglas Road Station, thanks to the engineering people at MDT. This included the installation of speed bumps for buses leaving the station with bus drivers too often ignoring the stop sign and almost hitting the writer of these lines once. This is what it looked like when MDT had done the upgrades.

Douglas Road Station I

This was a welcome development, though at the time we got in touch with the MDT engineering division and pointed out that these bumps were maybe a little steep and wouldn’t make for a comfortable ride for passengers and the driver (the goal is safety, not annoyance).

Less than two weeks after the installation, the situation looked – sadly, but predictably – like this:

Douglas Road Station II

Douglas Road Station II

The impact of the bus on the high bumps caused them to dislodge.

As of last week the speed bumps have been completely removed and the situation is – also predictably and sadly – back to bus drivers running that stop sign.

Douglas Road Station III

Douglas Road Station III

We have contacted MDT engineering and asked whether they will install speed bumps again, but have not heard back from them. We will update this post once we have news. We appreciate steps being taken, but this one seemed to be doomed from the beginning given the design of the bumps that were installed.


UPDATE: We just received the following from MDT: they are

“looking at the possibility of putting a more permanent speed bumps at the location. We tested the concept with temporary speed bumps and it was effective. In addition, we will be adding roadway markings and signs to the area.

The second part of this will be follow-up training and enforcement.”

We hope that MDT will actually be implementing a permanent design for this intersection, but the language being used makes us only cautiously optimistic that something will be done. We will continue to monitor the situation.



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