A Swedish Car Dealership on Bird Road Used the M-Path as their Private Road … No More

Those of you who regularly use the M-Path in the vicinity of the intersection of Bird Road and US 1 may have noticed that the bike path and the adjacent greenspace just south of the intersection has been used by cars to exit the Volvo dealership located close to that intersection. We have witnessed this several times in the past and heard others say the same thing.

We tried to reason with the dealership after almost having gotten hit a couple of times when their cars used the M-Path as their preferred exit route. They weren’t amenable to any arguments, including the general manager of that dealership. Since we met with Miami Dade Transit officials about the Douglas Road Station (see reports here, here and here, we have been told that speed bumps will go in), we thought we would bring this issue up as well. We were told that something would be done.

MDT is delivering on its promises. Last week we saw construction starting …

This week saw more progress. This will hopefully deter the staff at the Volvo dealership (yes, we blame them more or less fully after seeing three cars leave after closing of business because they apparently can’t be bothered to take the road) from using the M-Path as their preferred exit.

More work may have to be done given that the dealership continues to use the area adjacent to the M-Path as their parking lot and sometimes even the M-Path itself.

Thank you MDT for the work that you are doing on this issue.

PS: We would have preferred a different outcome and not spend public money on this. For one, the dealership people could have been more helpful. But when the general manager – apparently the brother of the owner – conveys you that he doesn’t care about you or what the county says then it seems that all hope is lost on that end. Increased enforcement may have helped in this case, but Miami Dade County PD would have to see this in person and ticket those individuals. We received a somewhat murky response to this suggestion.


7 thoughts on “A Swedish Car Dealership on Bird Road Used the M-Path as their Private Road … No More

  1. Any cyclists that see these or any other cars on the M-path that are unattended should vandlize them and remove the license plates. They will shurely stop parking there then. And will be cought on the road with no plates.

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