Board of Directors

The South Florida Bike Coalition is fortunate to have on our Board of Directors some of the region’s top bicycling advocates and professionals.

Jeffrey Lynne, President

Raphael Clemente, Vice-President

Don Braverman, Treasurer/Secretary

Larry Silverman

Felipe Azenha

John Goings

Kirk Wilstermann

Markus Wagner


Pat Patregnani, zMotion

Mike Schweiger, zMotion

Arthur Abrams

The South Florida Bike Coalition is growing and we continue to seek out dedicated individuals in our community who are willing to responsibly, loyally and formally serve on one of our Boards. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our President, Jeffrey Lynne, here. Thank you for your interest.

8 thoughts on “Board of Directors

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    • Aaron, we are always looking for quality people to support SFBC in whatever way works best for them and our mission to improve and increase bicycling.
      We are not in a position to higher any staff but often need help that can occasionally can be funded on a contract basis. Call our office anytime at 305 982 7343 and let us know what you have in mind. Thanks for bicycling!

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  4. Hi,

    Someone in #sofla commented on CA 3 ft law now going into effect here. Wondering if you are dialoging w/ local law enforcement and local lawmakers about enacting similar legislation in FL considering from what I’ve read that your state has the highest rate of cycling related fatalities nationwide.

    Hopefully people will get the message and not get #jerrybrowned and also to mention that AAA SoCal and NoCal lobbied heavily against this law when common sense says wait to pass safely. But I digress. Just wanted to reach out and ask if anything was on the agenda to make it safer to ride in your area and around the sunshine state.

    Hope this helps and hope to hear from you regarding this matter.

    Dennis Fernandez
    Long Beach,CA

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