Wanna Bike Rack?

How lovely would it be to ride somewhere – anywhere – and be able to park your bike safely and securely at your destination? For some, this is a given, but for others, it can be so challenging as to make them reconsider bicycling as transportation.

A variety of cities and counties across South Florida are addressing this problem. If you think your neighborhood / favorite cafe / office needs better bike parking, here are some people you can help score you one in the public spaces near you.

Getting a new, quality bike rack installed in the public right of way  may be free or, at least, heavily subsidized by your local government. We invite you to cc: us in your request so we can follow up and keep track of those that come from the same places.

To keep you inspired, here are some cool, functional bike racks made by our new fans at DERO:

and then, the wonderful Bike Station in Washington, D.C. – an admittedly bigger ‘ask’ that could be great in West Palm Beach? Ft. Lauderdale beachfront? Downtown Miami? …?

Click for more info on bikestation


2 thoughts on “Wanna Bike Rack?

  1. The City of Coral Gables provides free bike racks. Contact Jessica Keller, Assistant Public Works Director, at 305-460-5618.

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