Bike Meta: Your Bike Posts This Week

Thank you for sharing your bike art, bike rock and other bicycle-related fun this week! Even more than usual (aw, thanks!), you’ve been sharing some very fun bicycle-themed video clips, images and songs that I am happy to pass along.

First things first, an SFBC shout out to our friend, Eddy. He’s been out of commission this week and we miss him. Rydel puts it better:

Toni F. found The Tailwinds, an Ohio group “born of bicycles, guitars, and having to stop on the roadside to quickly write down song lyrics before they’re forgotten” who play “Bike Rock, music inspired by the freedom, speed and balance of puttin’ power to the pedals.” Check out their lead singer’s lyrics and clips at

Flavio posted this image from a poster you may have seen before – still makes us smile:

Click it, makes it bigger

Flavio also shared this ‘bike dance’ clip from Quiksilver, the classic Kevin Bacon film about bike messengers in San Fran:

Raphael, Larry and Jeff keep talking about this week’s Wall Street Journal piece on Landis and doping in the Tour.

Landis and Armstrong Racing Together. Associated Press

Meanwhile, Kathie is trying to get a handle on a Triathlon Obsession. (I hear those things only get worse).

Dan Gutierrez is all about the ‘internet meme‘, creating this one to remind us that more bicyclists fall because they are riding in the gutter than when they ride with traffic, in the traffic lane.

created by Dan Gutierrez

And since today is, after all, Independence Day: Here is a photo from EcoVelo that JJ shared, calling it “Mother Nature’s Fireworks.”

Thanks to everyone for emailing, posting, sharing your favorite bicycle-themed finds. We love getting them and hope to regularly post them here in a weekly recap. Email, Direct Tweet or Post them to Facebook (please).

Ride on.

Bicycle Safety c. 1963

Thanks to those of you who have already given me feedback on the video we show kids in our bicycle safety classes. I’d still love to hear from you. In sharp contrast, I wanted to share a slightly odd (okay, bizarrely morbid), vintage short film called “One Got Fat,” which taught children of the 60s lessons of safer cycling.

Watch a group of ‘monkey’ children get picked off one by one for poor bicycling habits as they head to the park for lunch! The rules of safe cycling are pretty much the same today. No one wore helmets back then and there was a stronger emphasis on registering your bicycle. Despite the creepiness, an amusing little film (taken in context, of course).

Narration by Edward Everett Horton of “Fractured Fairytales” (Old Rocky and Bullwinkle) fame.

Comic Reminds of the Bicycle’s Empowering History

Today's "Married to the Sea" comic

For this and other comics, visit

For always-bicycle-inspired comics, we love Yehuda Moon!

We also like BicycleComicJokes and have found some funny strips at The Cartoonist Group. Do you have a favorite source of bicycle humor to share? Share them with us here or post them to our facebook page. Thanks.