The South Florida Bike Coalition is dedicated to improving and increasing bicycling throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties. At any given time, SFBC focuses on a few specific campaigns, driven by members and volunteers, with better bicycling in mind.

We choose our campaigns based on NEED (will success in this campaign effect positive change towards our mission), DESIRE (are the outcomes of this campaign in line with the ‘wants’ of our members, Board and the specific community it targets), and FEASIBILITY (do we have the resources – time, financial, etc – to direct this campaign to successful completion).

If you have an idea for a campaign or would like support for your own project, please call us at 305.982.7343.

Current campaigns include:

  • Brickell Avenue: Reducing the Posted Speed (and additional traffic calming measure)
  • Meet Your Streets: Bringing a ‘ciclovia’ or ‘open streets’ program to Broward
  • Messaging: Promoting bicycling and motorist education through billboards, PSAs and other advertising
  • Police education: Collaborating with as many of the 100+ police departments in our region as we can to promote cyclist-related traffic enforcement (ticketing speeders, those who park in bike lanes or pass too closely, for example) Next on our list: Sunrise PD.

We are also continuously working to get more people to use, more groups to host bike rides and more people to get engaged with their local policymakers for bicycling.

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