Support bicycling in South Florida by becoming a volunteer with the South Florida Bike Coalition!

Our volunteers use their skills to help SFBC in its mission to improve and increase bicycling across the Palm Beaches, Broward and Greater Miami.

Examples of Recent Volunteer Work

  1. Created, organized new rides in her neighborhood
  2. Designed flyers for partner organization’s summer events
  3. Helped us amp up our social media outreach with his twitter expertise
  4. Staffed bicycle valet at a concert in West Palm Beach
  5. Encouraged a colleague to make a donation
  6. Helped devise our latest campaign (coming soon!)

We can always use new help! Some ideas of where we could really use volunteers:

  1. Staffing the bike valet at the South Florida Bike Expo, July 17–18
  2. Hosting Membership Drives or Fundraisers (from the most informal to published events)
  3. Office work (okay, it HAS to be done. Non-profit management interns, anyone?)
  4. Support work for any of our campaigns
  5. Blogging, press releases, media writing
  6. Come up with your own project based on your skills and interests!

Thank you for considering community service with SFBC. Please contact us and let us know what ideas you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

SFBikeCoalition at yahoo dot com

305 982 7343

5 thoughts on “Volunteer

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  4. I would like to volunteer. I work in a retail like environment so my hours are long but my nights are usually free.

    Let me know.

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