Here are some of our favorite resources for better bicycling. Please check them out and let us know what you think we should add. Thank you.

The zMotion/SFBC Ride Right Drive Right Campaign

Florida Bicycle Association: Traffic Laws You Need to Know The FBA is our go-to source for information on how to ride your bike better, more safely and legally. They also have a full list of contacts for the Florida Department of Transportation and a great article on what to do if you get hit by a car while riding your bicycle. Contact your local law enforcement to report incidents and demand action.

! Contact your state senators and representatives, local government (we can help) and DEMAND ACTION. Call, write, email, vote!

Miami-Dade County MPO Bicycle/Pedestrian website Learn about the Bike/Ped Advisory Committee, taking your bicycle on transit and where bikeways can be found from Homestead to Aventura.

BiKE BROWARD: The Broward County MPO Bicycle/Pedestrian website helps you plan your best bicycle ride. Like it’s own personal Google Maps.

Request a Bike Rack: Most local governments now have some system in place for installing requested bicycle racks.

More resources to be posted soon.

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