Miami Dade Transit hard at work

We have written about the work that Miami Dade Transit has put in around the Douglas Road Station and a car dealership selling cars that are associated with a Scandinavian country before (see here, here, here and here). Unlike other agencies in South Florida – first and foremost the local FDOT district which has yet to come to terms that life does not revolve around cars (the most egregious example may be here), but it appears that Miami Dade County is not moving along with many projects at this point – Miami Dade Transit deserves some praise.

Within a reasonable period of time – less than six months – the agency has been able to make things safer around the Douglas Road Station and for users of the M-Path just south of Bird Road. The dealership has been dealt with by putting in a row of palm trees, now effectively making it impossible for traffic from the dealership to use the M-Path as their own private road and in more than one case getting close to hitting cyclists.

The Douglas Road Station situation involved buses frequently ignoring a stop sign even with pedestrians and cyclists trying to cross the road. One issue appeared to have been bus maintenance issues with a speed hump, but it now appears that those concerns could be addressed. This is what the exit from the station for buses now looks like:

It is time to say thanks to MDT, not only for doing this project and for implementing it quickly. More importantly for actually listening to concerns in the community and for thinking through solutions. Other agencies would do well to heed the MDT’s example.

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